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Car accident physical therapy

Physical therapy is the profession that evaluates, manages and treats movement dysfunction improving physical and functional abilities.  In other words, physical therapy helps you return to doing the activities that you were doing before you were injured or experiencing pain (work, sports, hobbies).  

Your physical therapy program is designed to help injured tissue heal, improve your range of motion, strengthen weak muscles, stabilize joints, and decrease pain.  Special attention is placed on educating you on preventing future injury.  

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy and experienced staff have specialized, advanced training in caring for individuals with injuries. They work individually with you to design an individual treatment program to help you recover from your injury.  The physical therapy department is an integral part of the unique Brookdale Health system—where you receive all of your injury care in one location.


Our physical therapy team is trained in MedX that is designed to assist in your rehabilitation. MedX medical equipment was developed by Nautilus Sports Medicine creator Arthur Jones, after realizing that many of the world's strongest men had chronic debilitating back pain. Jones concluded that if he could isolate the muscles of the low back he could more effectively activate and strengthen those muscles as a means to reduce pain. After years of research and testing MedX was born.

Our doctors have been trained and certified on both the Lumbar and Cervical extension equipment and have witnessed the benefits of this scientifically proven method of treatment first hand.

Benefits of MedX

  • 92% of patients that were told they required back surgery could avoid it with MedX spinal strengthening.
  • Medical exercise therapy using MedX after surgery reduces pain and disability.
  • Proven success with the prevention and treatment of low back pain.
  • MedX strength training with spinal manipulation is proven to be more beneficial then manipulation alone.
  • MedX provides reliable objective testing of a patient's progress.
  • MedX can offset spinal curvature in adolescent scoliosis
  • Resistance training using MedX can increase lumbar extension strength
  • Medx stabilizes muscles and locks down the pelvis making resistance training more effective

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