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Active Trac Pelvic Traction System

Active Trac System car accident neck pain auto injury experts

We continue to receive many low back disc herniation with radicular (leg) pain patients. To better treat these conditions, we have added this state-of-the-art equipment that may eliminate the need for surgery and decrease long term pain and disability. This therapy system can be used separately or in conjunction with our regular chiropractic adjustments and active exercise program, depending on the patient’s particular needs. Contact us in the near future to schedule a consultation or to request more information about our new 3-D Active Trac.

Primary Features and Benefits of the 3-D Active Trac

  • Actively powered cervical and lumbar traction.
  • Pneumatic air cylinders are very durable and provide smooth, even traction force without jerking.
  • Offers the widest variety of cervical traction treatment angles available to accommodate every patient’s needs.
  • Lumbar traction is more efficient and direct because the pull is in a horizontal plane, instead of at an angle. There is no need for ropes, pulleys or other attachments.
  • Allows for accommodation of postural abnormalities that are typically very difficult to treat with traction. Makes treatment more comfortable. Allows traction treatment for the very acute or irritable patient.
  • Ability to firmly stabilize most patients with less constriction of the ribcage and pelvis.



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We specialize in patients who have been hurt in car accidents. We are open and accepting new patients who want an in-person appointment in the clinic. We have put processes and procedures in place that enable us to continue to provide service to you. If you are unable to come into the clinic, you also have the option of making a telemedicine appointment.

Telemedicine Appointments Now Available

Brookdale Health has implemented telemedicine appointments to keep patient care accessible and safe. Talk to the chiropractor or physical therapist through your computer, tablet, or phone—they can see you and you can see them.

For any questions or to make an appointment, please call 763-561-4045.